About HTS

Hi-Tech Trading and Services Limited Company (HTS) is an exclusive developer and supplier of District 9-situated residential property and expert management services. HTS is an affiliated member of Tien Phuoc Real Estate JSC, a veteran in local real estate community, health care property and infrastructural development with over 25 years experience. Tien Phuoc has established itself as an seasoned developer of diverse luxury estate projects, including Green Field Mansion, Estella Project, Palm City, Senturia Vuon Lai Residential Area, Empire City, Le Meridien Saigon Hotel, amongst others.

Senturia Hi-Tech Park, a 52-hectare hi-tech residential complex coming into existence owning to HTS’ investment, is the largest-scale residential project to be developed at the heart of Saigon Hi-Tech Park (SHTP). The complex consists of a mixture of middle-altitude housing, lower-altitude villas, and various other high-class integrated amenities, to name a few, Commercial Center, Gymnasium, Community Club, Healthcare Salons, Green Park, Kindergarten, and Parking Lots.


The Residential Area at Senturia Hi-Tech Park is built upon an breaththrough concept of creating a chic and user-friendly living space exclusively dedicated to expert community who find themselves frequenting SHTP for work everyday. Each pillar of the project such as blueprint design, spatial consideration, and housing style is trully well-thought to reflect industry unique features readily appreciated by tech-savvy professionals. Other benefits include at-ease travel routes to different locations and a provision of indulgence amenities to help dwellers reinvigorate and regain work-life balance after hectic hours in the office.

SHTP is continually recognized as an industrial magnet to high-tech enterprises thanks to its 15-year proven record of effective and professional investment attraction policies. As the Park is being extended significally, it is arousing the interest of more institutions and science centers whose owners seek an advantageous land lease in order to erect new laboratories and hi-tech appliance manufacturing plants. As an inevitable consequence of this movement, an increasing population of local and international experts as well as overseas Vietnamese speculators are eying SHTP as a tempting destination not to overlook.

HTS Residential and Expert Services are highly regarded as a potentially ideal estate solution with well-planed and classy living environment fashioned to accomodate numerous experts and investors residing somewhere in the Hi-Tech Zone for professional purposes.



Address: T2 – 4, D1 Street, Saigon Hi-Tech Park, District 9, HCMC

Tel: 08 3838 0303                                   Fax: 08 3924 6129

Tax code: 0 3 1 2 6 3 1 6 1 0





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